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Marine Solutions can source and provide almost any marine product you require. We provide custom chandlery supplies and equipment to match your yacht’s inventory and specification requirements. We represent many of the finest, respected and technologically advanced manufactures of marine supplies, products and equipment as dealer, distributor,  manufacturer’s rep and as a factory authorized installer.

Marine Solutions has developed a core group of recommended manufacturers and products based on performing numerous repairs and custom installations, and we have listed some of them below. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding them or to discuss a possible order or installation.

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is derived from sources that do not use up our natural resources or harm the environment. In the boating community, energy from wind and the sun are the easiest to harness.  Supplementing your yacht’s power with green energy is economical, environmentally friendly and QUIET.

Helios Solar Works
Helios Solar Works manufactures high performance mono-crystalline solar modules for use in solar electric systems. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified American manufacturer headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Helios Solar Works’ mono-crystalline solar modules offer high efficiency, reliable power backed by a generous warranty. This combination of maximum efficiency and reliability creates new market opportunities by making solar electricity more attractive and economical.
Power from the wind never looked this good. The logical solution for wind power where propeller windmills fall short. Functions efficiently in low wind speed sites and in the turbulent air found in urban and metropolitan areas. It can be sited where propeller types cannot and is mountable onto pre-existing structures. Design can change from an S-shape rotor into closed cylinder and has a pleasing appearance. Closed cylinder shape protects MILWIND in extreme weather events. Graphics can be applied to MILWIND including corporate and organization logos. The S-shaped rotor, (also known as a Savonius type rotor) in its open orientation, has been researched and tested around the world, including National Laboratories and Universities.  S-shaped rotors have been shown to have maximum efficiencies of 20 to 30%.
UGE- Urban Green Energy
Hybrid solutions for anyone. More reliability at a fraction of the cost. The future of outdoor lighting. When the neighbor’s lights go out yours stay on. Renewable energy solutions from start to finish. In 2008, UGE emerged as a world leader in small wind energy based on our novel turbine design, which increases power generation and efficiency and reduces noise and safety concerns. Our success led to a product partnership with General Electric and commercial partnerships with a number of the world's leading distributed energy companies.
Xantrex designs mobile power solutions specifically for the marine markets. Our products are used in both power and sail boats. Xantrex products provide clean, quiet AC power so you can enjoy the comforts of home on your boat without relying on shore power or a noisy generator.
Rolls Battery Engineering
Rolls premium deep cycle batteries have earned a reputation of reliability and dependability in the railroad, marine, motive power and renewable energy markets. Dual container construction, high-density polyethylene materials and unique "resistox" plate design provide a life expectancy that is among the longest in the battery industry. With the highest recycling rating of any consumer product, we're focused on reducing our footprint and helping our customers reduce theirs. Over 75 years experience and a focus on what's to come have made the Rolls brand of batteries internationally recognized.
Generators & Engines
Beta Marine
Diesel Marine Propulsion Engines & Marine Gensets - Since 1987 Beta Marine has developed an enviable reputation for providing quiet and smooth running marine diesels to suit a wide range of applications at very competitive prices. FACTORY AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE
Fischer Panda
Marine and non-marine generators. Fischer Panda manufactures the only genuine 100% fresh water-cooled asynchronous generator for use in a  military, marine or vehicle application. Our proprietary technology allows us to build the smallest, lightest and quietest generators in the world! If noise level, size and weight are issues, your best choice is a Fischer Panda  generator for AC or DC applications in Marine, Military, or Commercial  specialty vehicle use.
Marine generators, powered by Yanmar engines, feature low sound and vibration levels, efficient size, and built-in sound shields. MASE gensets  combine practical design with Italian style. With 14 diesel-powered generators ranging from 2.5 kW to 42.0 kW, Mase GenSets are powered by reliable Yanmar diesel engines and cooled by an exclusive Intercooler System.
Engine Monitoring & Maintenance
Are you interested in a proven method to reduce diesel engine maintenance cost by 50%? It is estimated that eight out of every ten diesel engine failures have been directly related to poor quality and contaminated fuel. The  build-up of contaminates in the fuel systems and storage tanks can quickly clog filters, thus resulting in engine shut down, fuel pump wear, and diesel engine damage.
Flight Systems
Flight Systems started over 35 years ago developing and producing then "state-of-the-art" electronic controls used in the aerospace program.  Manufacturers of engine monitoring systems, Flight Systems Inc. can repair, rebuild or supply new, your requirements in engine monitoring. Innovative to say the least, their raw water monitor shows at a glance the volume of water entering you sea water inlet. This innovative product will tell you when you need to service your raw water pumps. Please take a look, you'll be glad you did!
Maneuvering & Mooring
Lofrans was founded in 1966 in Italy, and from the beginning we have focused our attention on a single product range: the anchor windlass.  During these thirty five years all our technical skills have been oriented to manufacturing a product that could be considered as the finest in quality at very competitive prices. Our aim has been realized, shared and fully rewarded from the market for design and outstanding reliability.
Marine Automation Systems
The Docking Master® is a leading-edge remote control system that enables you to wirelessly control all of your yacht's maneuvering and mooring functions at the touch of a button!! From a 20ft tender to a 200ft Mega Yacht, this device is for you!
Muir Windlasses have been the dominant force in Australian anchor windlass technology since 1968, and by industry standards are now  recognized as a leader and innovator for anchoring systems worldwide. A source for complete anchoring and docking system packages, Muir design and manufacture the most extensive range of anchor windlasses and  equipment available on the world market.
Side-Power by Sleipner Motor AS
Side-Power thrusters and stabilizers offer the highest quality in maneuvering systems and ride control available on the market today. Side-Power is the world’s leading brand of bow and stern thrusters, chosen by a vast majority of the leading boat manufacturers around the world. Many customers choose to upgrade to more powerful thruster versions to be sure that the thrusters work well for them in all  situations. However, very powerful single speed thrusters can, in light weather conditions, push the boat too fast. The solution is to fit the new  Side-Power DC Power Controller which enables proportional speed control of a DC electric thruster. By also controlling the thruster´s power, you get even more precise handling of the boat in all conditions.
Heating and Air Conditioning
Hurricane Hydronic Heating Systems
The ITR HURRICANER Powered Heater technology utilizes a low pressure fuel system. A small compressor delivers air to an air aspirating nozzle which through a venturi draws the fuel, mixes it with the air and produces a very fine mist into the burner. It is then ignited resulting in complete combustion and expelling very low emissions. FACTORY AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE
At MarineTec, we provide high-quality marine products designed to meet  the needs of our discerning clients. We offer a select line of technologically  advanced products that perform to the most rigorous standards.  MarineTec is a distributor of Kabola, Solaris, and Solaris Blue products from Europe, and is a dealer for MSR and other US products. We provide engineering and installation services for new constructions and retrofits.  FACTORY AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE

Kabola Heating Systems
A Kabola B-Series Boiler is the superior choice in marine heating. Built in The Netherlands to the highest European standards, Kabola offers a range of boilers with outputs of 38,000 to 178,000 BTU. Our boilers are very well suited for year round and live-aboard use. Combined with the optional heat exchanger, the Kabola boiler is easily interfaced with a chilled water AC system. FACTORY AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE
Precision Temp
Precision Temp introduces the Twin Temp junior, the smallest big thing in Marine heating. Featuring: Small and Lightweight, 22.5 X 16 x 14; Unlimited hot water, with salt water shower feature; Hydronic Space Heating, radiant or hot air; Clean Burning Propane with Whisper Quite Operation.
Sure Marine - SMS
Heating and Refrigeration - Suppliers of fine Webasto marine heating, Cruisair air conditioning, MasterVolt electrical equipment, AC/DC marine refrigeration, propane galley ranges and barbeques.  FACTORY AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE
Webasto Thermosystems
Hot Water, Hot Air Marine Heating Systems - Webasto makes a full line  Of air and coolant heaters to meet the needs of virtually any size craft.  State-of-the-art and microprocessor controlled, all Webasto marine heaters are compact, lightweight and extremely efficient. Webasto heaters are  manufactured under stringent ISO 9000 standards and come with a two  year warranty. FACTORY AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE
MSR Marine Inc.
Diesel Heater Exhaust Installation Equipment
PO BOX 33241 SEATTLE WA 98133
Clean Air Flo, LLC
Marine Ventilations systems
Vacuum Offensive Odors Overboard Before They Penetrate Living Quarters 24/7.
Control Moisture And Mildew Buildup Thru Continuous Ventilation 24/7.
Village Marine
Your Fresh Water Source – Village Marine offers a full spectrum of reverse osmosis systems ranging from 200 gallons per day (GPD) to customs systems with capacities up to 2.5 million GPD for salt water applications and 5.0 million GPD for brackish water.
KZ Valve
Waterproof Motorized Electric Valves - GreenField Direct automatic valves can be used in conjunction with manual seacocks. GreenField Direct gives you the ability to design an automated system for operating multiple automatic valves that perform synchronous tasks in a precise, verifiable mode of action. Almost any boat valve can be automated with a valve offered by GreenField Direct: Recent statistics indicate most sinking’s are due to reasons that may surprise you. For every boat that sinks at sea, four boats sink while they are safely moored at their slips!* Corroded fittings, loose clamps, weakened hoses, and failed seals all allow water to collect in the hull. Simply closing the seacocks will virtually eliminate all of those problems – but manual valves are not convenient or easy to get to… so it seldom gets done.
Nauta Flexible Tanks provide many advantages over rigid tanks and have, therefore, become very popular with both yacht builders and boat  owners.  Each of these tanks uses an extremely rugged 840- enier nylon fabric, coated on both sides with a neoprene/nitrile compound.  Heavily lapped seams are inside-reinforced with a “doubler” to provide extra strength. All Nauta tanks are vulcanized to assure leak-proof panels and seams for years of trouble-free service.  And all are covered by warranty.  Because of their flexibility and the Nauta range of sizes, these tanks can fit into almost any space, especially those odd-shaped places that would otherwise be wasted.
Isotherm ASU
Automatic Start Up - Are you looking for a very efficient 12V holding plate refrigeration system for your yacht? From Sweden comes ISOTHERM, with the innovative ASU feature.
Oceansair Interiors Inc.
Custom Interiors and Canvas for Power and Sailboats – Upholstery & Fabric, Custom Bedding, Drapes & Blinds, Carpeting & Headliner, Marine Canvas.
Decking & Wood
Bristol Finish
If you love the look of varnish, but hate the upkeep, here's the solution.  Bristol Finish high performance urethane coatings deliver where ordinary varnish products fail. They're fast and easy to use, incredibly durable, and produces a dazzling appearance that lasts for years, not months!

Decking in a variety of colors, patterns, application processes. Esthec is a strong and solid material that consists of composites and fillers. It is an innovation based on the yachting industry’s enormous need for ecologically sound construction materials. Esthec’s appearance is what makes the adjustment subtle, the improved properties however are anything but subtle. Concisely expressed, Esthec is very durable, ecologically sound, lightweight, highly maintenance-friendly, resistant to different weather conditions, chemicals and liquids.It is indestructible, there is freedom in color and design.
Marinedeck 2000
Marinedeck 2000 is a composite decking material that offers the warm, traditional look of teak, with almost no maintenance. High performance cork composite marine decking.
Maritime Wood Products
Superior Wood Products For Nature's Most Demanding Environment - the premium manufacturer of custom teak decks and the supplier of finest quality wood products for yacht building and restoration.
Seacork is a composite decking material. An attractive alternative to teak decking. Beautiful, durable and nearly maintenance-free, Seacork is a  renewable resource and an ecologically sound alternative decking material which is not only beautiful but practical.
Dock Blocks
THE ONLY CHOICE IN FLOATING DOCKING SYSTEMS & DRIVE-ON BOAT LIFTS - Dock Blocks™ by Pier Plas floating dock systems offers a new solution to getting in, out and on top of the water quicker and safer. Dock Blocks™ can be used as plastic floating boat docks, floating boat lifts, swim platforms, drive-on boat docking systems, floating docks for personal watercraft, floating boat docks and barges for special occasions, and many other applications.
Schaefer Legendary Strength Boom Furlers
For years, Schaefer has been a leader in headsail furling and reefing systems. Now they bring the same levels of quality and engineering to a new boom furler that finally solves the problems of reefing, lowering and safely stowing the main - even modern, full-batten, high-roach sails built for performance.
Signal Mate
The Do It Yourself Signal Mate BPIS System increases your Safety by being Seen as well as Heard. It is a U.S. Coast Guard requirement (rule 35) that in restricted visibility a vessel will give sound signals. This promotes safety for all boats on our waterways by allowing boaters to know their locations and intensions.
Inflatables & Auxiliary Boats
Avon inflatables... has a long and distinguished history in the design and manufacture of liferafts, with more successful rescues to our credit than any other brand, including the longest liferaft in history - an amazing 117 days.
Givens Marine Survival
The patented Givens Buoy Stabilization System has a significantly lower drift rate, larger hemispherical stabilizer which acts as a flexible keel and sea anchor, no other life raft can re-right itself.
Zodiac North America
Zodiac of North America is your source for inflatable boats, rigid hulled inflatables, sport ribs, rescue boats, patrol boats, military boats and life rafts for leisure and commercial uses.
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